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Moving to Spain

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Spain has much to offer people who want to relocate to live, work, and study in the country. Explore all Possibilities.


Everything You Need to Know About Life in Spain

We decided to try and move to Spain, we spent the next couple of years being confused about a lot! We really struggled to find good information about the immigration process and, once we actually got to Spain, about how to navigate the life administration that most Spaniards take for granted. It was out of this confusion that we decided to launch Espanado. We’ve been living in Spain for over a year now and channeling everything that we didn’t understand fully when we first moved, we’ve started writing our guides on what to expect. Taking all that we’ve learned about the immigration process and life here to help make your journey smoother than ours!

Immigration to Spain

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Learn about all your different options for Spanish immigration. We have guides on all of Spain's immigration pathways. Immigration to Canada can be achieved through a wide range of programs. If you're not yet sure how to select the right Canadian immigration program for you, you're in the right place.

Step by step guides and firsthand accounts of what to expect moving to Spain. From how to tackle the immigration process to how daily stuff works in Canada!


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Step by step guides and firsthand accounts of what to expect moving to Spain.


Living in Spain Guides and Tips

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